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If your vehicle has broken down in El Paso or had suffered damage due to an accident call us so that we can transport your vehicle with our tow truck. Our El Paso Towing Services are also available for private use. We also offer services for vehicle unlocks, flat tire assistance, fuel delivery, and dead battery jump start.

El Paso Roadside Assistance Services

Our services have you covered whether you are in a vehicle, on a motorcycle, or absolutely any kind of vehicle that is mechanically damaged, leaving you high and dry. For any minor mechanical damages, our roadside professionals will assist you in order to get you back up and running safely and as quickly as possible. There are many situations that are included in your car insurance policy. If your vehicle cannot be corrected and safely driven, we will offer the following services:

Jump-Starting Your Battery:

If your battery dies and you cannot restart your car, we will jump-start your battery and get you moving once again. A dead battery can be caused by a number of reasons such as cold weather, an interior light came on and went unnoticed, or the age of the battery. Our professional service provider will recharge your battery as recommended by the manufacturer. There might be some circumstances in which we will need further information. For instance, if you have an electric car, you must have the manual for operating the vehicle. Because your car is a hybrid, our service provider will need the owner’s manual to ensure the car is jump-started the right way with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Flat Tire Service:

If you have a flat tire and are stuck on the highway, parking area or in your driveway, we will send out our team to change the tire. Our El Paso roadside assistance team of professionals will come out, remove the tire and replace it with your spare. If you do not have a spare tire, we will tow you to the nearest mechanic or the nearest place to purchase a new tire. Under normal circumstances, they will not change tires on motorcycles or vehicles that have 3 tires.

Vehicle Unlock / Lockout Service in El Paso:

It is not only really embarrassing when you lock yourself out of the car but can be pretty stressful. You might feel foolish having to call for help, but don’t be, you are not the first nor will you be the last. Our roadside assistance professionals are here to unlock your door. Our team will come out to your location with the proper tools to ensure the door is unlocked without causing damage. Either a pump wedge or a long-reach tool is used to get the door unlocked. If, some reason, the door remains locked they will call a locksmith to unlock the door and our El Paso Roadside assistance will pay for it.

Car Gas Delivery in El Paso:

If you have ever miscalculated your fuel level and then your car starts coughing and sputtering, you know you messed up! You are now on the side of the road and in dire need of fuel for your car. Many of our customers consider our fuel delivery service a true lifesaver! If you are in the El Paso area and run out of gas, you might panic because you are going to be late to an event, give us a call! You realize you are too far from a gas station and feel this is a hopeless situation. Our El Paso roadside assistance service of professionals will come to your location with plenty of fuel so you can easily get to a gas station and fill up. Some roadside assistance services will charge for fuel delivery while others do not, we do not.

El Paso Towing Service

If your vehicle cannot be corrected on the spot, we will find a towing service within a given amount of miles. If you prefer your vehicle is towed outside the number of miles, you will have to pay the added cost. Our team of experts will ensure you get the right service in a very timely manner. If your car has been in an accident or has broken down while under warranty, you will be towed to the nearest repair center as required under the warranty. You may also wish to have your vehicle towed to a vehicle assistance center of your choice within 50 miles. Our team will get your vehicle towed safely to the chosen destination, and guarantee no further damage.

Extrication Or Winching Service in El Paso:

If your car is stuck somewhere caused by an unforeseen rut or you traveled into a mud pool, you need to get your vehicle towed out and back on the road. Our professional service provider will come to your aid with a truck that will tow your car out and onto a solid road surface. Your vehicle will be extricated or winched as long as it is adjacent to a passable, established road and can be safely reached from a hard surfaced road. Our company will help to make the entire experience stress-free while our professionals get to work. The process of getting your car to a safe place will cost you extra money but well worth it. We offer the most affordable rates that will match anyone’s ability to pay.
If you live in the El Paso area, we have the best assistance services for whatever life throws your way when your car becomes inoperable. Our customers believe we are the chosen service provider to come to their rescue when their lives have turned upside down. We offer 24/7 El Paso Roadside Assistance to get you through your situation and get you back to normal. Give us a call, we are here to help you out of any vehicle mishap or situation.

Our Customer-Friendly El Paso Roadside Assistance

We go out of our way to provide the very best services to our customers, making us the roadside assistance services of choice. If your car is not running or has been damaged, give us a call we will get to your location quickly and take care of the situation. Our professional team of roadside assistance will take charge of the situation and provide you with the service needed to get you back on the road again.

If your vehicle has broken down, our assistance program will join up with your existing vehicle company to make sure you get the service you need. Depending on the problem and where you are located, the nearest provider will be sent out. Our roadside assistance services include towing, battery services, a flat tire, fuel delivery, lockout service, and extraction. Here is more information regarding roadside service providers.

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